Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New Designers

These are images of my work at the New Designers exhibition in London where I exhibited with other artists from my college (click to see their degree show work). Some of there work can be seen in these photographs, and can be viewed again at an up and coming exhibition in Glasgow's Bill Clyffe gallery shortly. They include Amey Dalton, June Morrison, Rachel O'Dell, Julie Chapman, Ramon Beaskoetxea, Ida Wieth-Knudsen and Emma McGarvie.

    I had to build a lightbox in order to exhibit the five panels you can see in the photographs and it was quite a job getting it to London and back never mind getting it up on the wall so I want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me with this. Thank you.

Amey in a sexy little dress looking at the camera next to June who is hiding behind the mans head.
I'm standing between Amey (left) and Emma (right) who I do not appear to be entertaining very well.

My panels reflecting onto Junes glass table.

Over 8 ft in length my lightbox containing five of my Botanical panels. From left; Lilly, Pine, Swiss Cheese, Rowan, Hogweed.