Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Glass Trinkets

Before and after photos in my kiln of my glass trinket designs. First I sieve coloured frit on to the shapes I have cut and fuse them in the kiln. Once they have cooled I paint on tracing black and fire them a second time at a lower temperature. After they have cooled for a second time I drill holes in them and thread the beads on cotton cord.


Monday, 2 April 2012

Glass Vases Pt. 2

Glass Vases Pt. 1

I created a series of small vases approximately 2" x 6". They are all decorated with abstract shapes that I designed as I went along. I love working with pattern, in fact I am quite obsessed by it. I admire artists such as Alan Davie and Wassily Kandinsky who both make very different art but art that contains a lot of wiggly lines and shapes and blocks of colour that really draw you in. I also love aboriginal art and I think this comes across in my work. 

Although these vases look like flash glass they are actually not. The colour is created with a layer of enamel that I then sandblast away to reveal the images. For example I will start with a red enameled vase that I will then paint a PVA glue resist on to. When they glue is dry I will sandblast off all of the enamel that is not protected by the glue. Then when the glue is finally washed off it will reveal protected red areas. This creates the two tone effect.